Precise Positioning Development Platform with a Compact RTK INS module & Precision IMU

openRTK330LI EVK-2.png
openRTK330LI EVK-2.png

  • Integrated INS with dual-band GNSS receiver, triple-redundant IMU, RTK positioning engine
  • Open-source development, embedded web server & NTRIP client
  • Centimeter-level positioning algorithms & sensor fusion
  • Evaluation kit includes multiple connectors, L1/L2/L5 GNSS antennae, and ST-Link debugger

The OpenRTK330LI EVK accelerates the development & time to market of custom navigation and guidance systems fusing inertial measurements and multi-band RTK/GNSS positioning. The OpenIMU330LI Module is a compact, low cost, state-of-the-art, high-performance RTK/GNSS receiver with built-in triple-redundant inertial sensors.

ACEINNA's OpenRTK330LI EVK provides the essential hardware, firmware, and development environment for engineers working on autonomous applications to quickly start developing algorithms and solutions. Within minutes of receiving the EVK, engineers can be logging and visualizing positioning data with centimeter precision.

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  • Evaluation kit for rapid development
  • 100 Hz GNSS + inertial solution
  • Position, velocity, and attitude sensing (roll, pitch & heading/yaw)
  • Centimeter-level positioning solution & algorithms
  • 80 channels tracking and RTK algorithm support
  • Integrated and calibrated triple-redundant MEMS inertial measurement unit (8 g and 400 °/s)
  • On-board application processor with built-in Ntrip client and webserver
  • Open-source GNSS/IMU data-flow framework enabling users to build and implement their own GNSS/INS algorithms.
  • Ethernet, Bluetooth, UART, USB, and CAN Interfaces (J1939)
  • Android application for mobile device
  • Web-based application GUI for visualization
  • Visual Studio Code plugin
  • 3D machine control
  • Guidance systems for construction vehicles
  • Navigation systems for autonomous agricultural vehicles
  • Last-mile delivery robots
  • Drones/UAV
  • ADAS & lane-keeping enhancement
  • Surveying & mapping
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