OSLON® Compact PL (Gen 2)

Multi chip LED family combining excellent brightness with outstanding luminance


  • High luminance performance of up to 120 cd/mm²
  • Very small z-tolerance (±35 μm)
  • Additional electrical isolated thermal pad to separate heat mgmt. from electrical circuit
  • Latest chip technology providing typ. 395 lm at 1 A per mm²

The OSLON Compact PL comprises single as well as multichip configurations for low/high beam application with best in class luminance performance. Its compact size enables narrow positioning especially beneficial for ADB Headlamp solutions. The products combine the latest UX:3 chip technology with a homogeneous light-emitting area giving the highest flux performance for easier optical design and thermal management.

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  • AEC-Q102 Qualified
  • Distance from converter platelet to package edge:
    • 235 µm (left and right side)
    • 174 µm (top side)
  • Same footprint as OSLON Boost HM
  • ESD: 8 kV acc. to ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 (HBM, Class 3B)
  • Corrosion Robustness Class: 3A
  • Chip technology: UX:3
  • AFS Headlamp Systems
  • Adaptive driving beam
  • Day time running light
  • Lowbeam
  • Highbeam
  • Turn indicator
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