12 Channel, 60 mA LED Linear Current Driver for Automotive Applications


  • Twelve common current programmable sources up to 60 mA
  • Independent PWM duty cycle control for each channel
  • Open LED string diagnostics and protection features
  • Low dropout operation for pre‚ąíregulator applications

The NCV7685 is designed for use in the regulation and control of LED in automotive applications and consists of 12 linear programmable constant current sources with common reference and up to 60 mA current per channel. The device can be used in microcontroller applications using the I2C interface or in stand-alone applications. It allows independent PWM duty cycle control in 128 steps for each output channel, programmable via the I2C serial interface. The NCV7683 is a part of the same products family. It integrates eight linear programmable current sources, allowing LED strings to be driven with a higher current of up to 100mA per channel.

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  • Independent PWM duty cycle control for each channel
  • Common PWM duty cycle control via I2C
  • On-chip 150, 300, 600, and 1200 Hz PWM
  • Open LED string diagnostics
  • Low dropout operation for pre−regulator applications
  • Single resistor for current set point
  • Voltage reference 3.3 V / 1 mA
  • 8-bits I2C interface with CRC8 error detection
  • OTP bank for stand−alone operation (2 configurations)
  • Output enable pin
  • Detection and protection against open load and under-voltage conditions
  • Over-temperature detection and protection
  • Low emission with spread spectrum oscillator
  • AEC-Q100 and PPAP capable
  • Compact SSOP24 package
  • Exterior Lighting (Low Power)
  • Interior Lighting
  • Entry Level LED Tail Lights
  • Option Level LED Tail Lights with Sequential Turn Indicator
  • Turn Signal and Other Externally Modulated Applications
  • RGB LED driver
  • Dashboard Applications
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