3-Channel Reflective Digital or Analog Incremental Encoder


  • Miniature size: 4 x 4 mm
  • For small size motor, high speed and high temperature applications
  • Built-in pin selectable interpolation
  • Suitable for linear and rotary applications

The AEDR-9820 (225LPI) and AEDR-9830 (318LPI) are miniature reflective analog/digital incremental encoders operating at extended temp & freq ranges. They offer a two-channel differential analog (AB) with a third channel (I) differential analog Index or digital Index output, or three channels differential (ABI) digital index outputs for linear and rotary applications, starting at 4.6 mm optical radius. The differential or TTL compatible output signals can be directly interfaced to most signal processors. Their compact size and programmable resolution provide easy integration into small motors, actuators, linear stages, and medical equipment.

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  • Operating Voltage: 3.3 V...5 V
  • High encoding resolution (Lines Per Inch/mm - LPI/LPmm):
    • AEDR-9820 225 LPI (8.86 LPmm)
    • AEDR-9830 318 LPI (12.52 LPmm)
  • Examples:
    • AEDR-9820 (RoP base 4.6 mm, 256 CPR)
    • AEDR-9830 (RoP base 7.95 mm, 625 CPR)
  • Base frequency 200 kHz and up to 2 MHz at 16 x interpolation
  • Pin-selectable interpolation up to 16 x
  • Pin-selectable analog or digital output
  • Infrared (IR) light source:
    • More robust to contamination
  • Operating Temperature range:
    • -40...115 °C (extended industrial temperature range)
  • Optional parts (AEDR-9820A and AEDR-9830A):
    • Automotive Grade 1 (-40...125 °C)
    • Automotive AEC-Q100 qualified
    • Market release Q4FY20
  • Closed-loop stepper motors
  • Small motors, actuators
  • Industrial printers
  • Robotics
  • Card readers
  • Pan-tilt-zoom camera
  • Portable medical equipment
  • Linear stages
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