32-bit 100MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 core - MCU with Trust Zone and Secure Element Functionality


  • RA4M3 Arm® Cortex®-M33 based MCUs boost performance up to 100 MHz for IoT edge devices
  • The latest ARMv8-M core architecture with TrustZone® + Secure Element Functionality
  • CTSU capacitive touch
  • 1 MB code FLASH, 8 KB data Flash (100,000 program/erase cycles), 128 KB SRAM

The Renesas RA4M3 group uses the high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M33 core with TrustZone®. In concert with the Secure Crypto Engine, it offers Secure Element functionality, as well as rich connectivity with USB 2.0 FS, SDHI, QSPI, and advanced analog.

The RA4M3 is supported by an open and flexible ecosystem concept - the Flexible Software Package (FSP), built on FreeRTOS, and it is expandable to other RTOSes and middleware. The RA4M3 is suitable for IoT applications that require future proof security, a large amount of embedded RAM, and low active power consumption (down to 119 μA/MHz while running the CoreMark® algorithm in Flash).

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  • ARMv8-M Arm® Cortex®-M33 Core at 100 MHz
    • Protected memory system architecture (PMSAv8)
    • Secure MPU (MPU_S): 8 regions, Non-secure MPU (MPU_NS): 8 regions
  • Memory
    • 1 MB code FLASH, 8 KB data Flash, 128 KB SRAM
    • Flash endurance: 100, 000 program/erase cycles
  • DMA 8 channels + DTC 5 channels
  • CTSU capacitive touch
  • Multiple clock sources
    • Main clock oscillator (MOSC) (8 to 24 MHz), Sub-clock oscillator (SOSC) (32.768 kHz)
    • IWDT-dedicated on-chip oscillator (15 kHz), Clock trim function for HOCO/MOCO/LOCO
    • PLL/PLL2, Clock out support
  • Independent watchdog timer
  • Analog
    • 12-bit A/D Converter (ADC12) × 2, 12-bit D/A Converter (DAC12) × 2
    • Temperature Sensor (TSN)
  • Connectivity
    • Serial Communications Interface(SCI) × 6, Asynchronous interfaces
    • 8-bit clock synchronous interface, Smart card interface
    • Simple I2C, Simple SPI
    • Manchester coding (SCI3, SCI4)
    • I2C bus interface × 2, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) × 1
    • Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI)
    • USB 2.0 Full-Speed module (USBFS)
    • Control Area Network module (CAN) × 2
    • SD/MMC Host Interface (SDHI), Serial Sound Interface Enhanced (SSIE)
  • Security and Encryption
    • Secure Crypto Engine 9
    • Symmetric algorithms: AES, Asymmetric algorithms: RSA, ECC, and DSA
    • Hash-value generation: SHA224, SHA256, GHASH, 128-bit unique ID
    • TrustZone
    • Individual secure or non-secure security attribution for each peripheral
    • Device lifecycle management
    • Up to three tamper pins, secure pin multiplexing
  • Secure communication gateway in industrial / home automation
  • Human Machine Interface with robust Capacitive Touch
  • Central control unit of power conversion applications
  • IoT communication platform & secure datalogger
  • Ethernet / CAN / GSM gateway / Cloud gateway
  • Cash registers
  • Robots
  • PLC
  • Wending machines
  • UPS
  • Hand helds
  • Alarm Systems
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