6 kV galvanically isolated 4 A single gate driver for SiC MOSFETs


  • 1200 V, 4 A sink/source capability
  • 6 kV galvanic isolation
  • Miller CLAMP dedicated pin option
  • UVLO & Watchdog functions

The STGAP2SICS is a 6 kV single gate driver that provides galvanic isolation between the gate driving channel and the low voltage control and interface circuitry. It is characterized by 4 A capability and rail-to-rail outputs, and is available in two different configurations:

  • Separated output pins to allow independent optimize turn-on and turn-off by using dedicated gate resistors
  • Single output pin and Miller CLAMP function to prevent gate spikes during fast commutations in half-bridge topologies
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  • High voltage rail up to 1200 V
  • Driver current capability: 4 A sink/source at 25 °C
  • dV/dt transient immunity ±100 V/ns over the full temperature range
  • Overall input-output propagation delay: 75 ns
  • Separate sink and source option for easy gate driving configuration
  • 4 A Miller CLAMP dedicated pin option
  • UVLO function
  • Gate driving voltage up to 26 V
  • 3.3 V, 5 V TTL/CMOS inputs with hysteresis
  • Temperature shut-down protection
  • Stand-by function
  • 6 kV galvanic isolation
  • Wide body SO-8W package
  • Motor control
  • Factory automation
  • Industrial drives and Fans
  • DC-DC converters
  • DC charger
  • Welding
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