Xilinx Introduces Breakthrough Zynq RFSoC DFE for Mass 5G Radio Deployments

Zynq RFSoC DFE Main Product Image.jpg
Zynq RFSoC DFE Main Product Image.jpg

  • 2X Performance/Watt vs. Zynq® RFSoC Gen3
  • 400MHz Instantaneous Bandwidth in FR1 (8T8R)​
  • 7.125GHz​ Direct RF Bandwidth
  • Flexibility to enhance hardened IP with adaptive logic

Xilinx® Zynq® RFSoC DFE is a breakthrough radio platform that hardens the digital front-end (DFE) for 5G mass radio deployment and a breadth of other RF applications. Built on the only production-proven adaptive SoC that integrates the entire signal chain from RF to baseband, Zynq RFSoC DFE represents a new class of application-specific adaptive products that integrate hardened DFE IP along with Xilinx's proven Programmable Logic. Zynq RFSoC DFE offers the best balance of technologies - the cost economies of a SOC using hardened blocks with the flexibility, scalability, and time-to-market benefits of an application-specific adaptive platform.

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  • Adaptive RFSoC platform integrates more hardened IP than soft logic, enabling a flexible solution that is high performance, power-efficient, and cost-effectiveness
  • The instantaneous BW supported is 400 MHz and 1600 MHz in FR1 and FR2, respectively, to solve diverse multiband requirements
  • Up to 8T8R with integrated feedback ADCs for single-chip FDD radio solution
  • Hardened DPD IP is based on Xilinx production proven soft-core and enhanced to support advanced wideband GaN Power Amplifiers to improve power efficiency
  • Small Cell Nodes - Power & Cost Efficient
  • Fixed Wireless Access
  • Multi-Mode Macrocell - Support for 5G and 4G LTE
  • Massive-MIMO Macrocell - Full Sub-7GHz Direct RF
  • Digital Phased Array Radar
  • Milcom and Satcom Modems
  • 5G for Government / Private Spectrum
  • UE Emulation / RF Testers
  • Portable Test Equipment
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