UFS - Universal Flash Storage

UFS 2.1 High Speed 2-Lane Gear 3 Product

Micron 3D NAND with UFS.jpg
Micron 3D NAND with UFS.jpg

  • Significantly faster random read speeds than the e.MMC 5.1 interface
  • Industry leading sequential read performance
  • Efficient multitasking and data ordering with UFS 2.1 Command Queue technology
  • Enabling simple solutions and accelerated time-to-market

Defined to address the challenges associated with next-generation automotive and industrial storage, the UFS specification was optimized to deliver the traditional promise of "bigger, faster, cheaper" that comes with every generation of storage. UFS addresses key areas including high-performance efficiency and responsiveness as well as instant-on, multitasking, and multiprocessing capabilities. Other focus areas include low power, extended battery life, high capacity, and a smaller physical footprint.

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  • Better user experience
  • Fast boot
  • Fast response times
  • Lower latency, higher efficiency
  • High-speed PC Sync
  • Low power consumption
  • Automotive : Cluster
  • Automotive: Central & Boot storage for autonomous cars
  • Automotive: Black Box Recording
  • Industrial: Telematics gateways
  • Industrial: AI-based gesture and voice-based commands
  • Industrial: CR-V2X communication
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