Precision, 22 MHz, RR IO, 36 V BiCMOS operational amplifier


  • Rail-to-rail input and output
  • Low offset voltage: 300 ┬ÁV maximum
  • Wide supply voltage range: 2.7 V to 36 V
  • Gain bandwidth product: 22 MHz

The TSB7191/A, TSB7192/A 22 MHz bandwidth amplifier feature rail-to-rail input and output, which is guaranteed to operate from +2.7 V to +36 V single supply as well as from ±1.35 V to ±18 V dual supplies. These amplifiers offer a large span of supply voltage and an excellent input offset voltage of 300 µV maximum at 25 °C.

The combination of wide bandwidth, slew rate, low noise, rail-to-rail capability, and precision makes the TSB7191, TSB7191A, TSB7192, and the TSB7192A useful in a wide variety of applications such as filters, power supply and motor control, actuator driving, hall effect sensors, and resistive transducers.

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  •  Slew rate: 12 V/µs
  • Low noise: 12 nV/√Hz
  • Stable with gain +10/-9
  • Integrated EMI filter
  • 2 kV HBM ESD tolerance
  • Extended temperature range:
    • From -40 °C to +125 °C
  • Automotive-grade parts available
  • High-side and low-side current sensing
  • Hall effect sensors
  • Data acquisition and instrumentation
  • Test and measurement equipments
  • Motor control
  • Industrial process control
  • Strain gauge
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