VITIS™ Software Platform

Unified Programming Model for Accelerating Edge, Cloud, and Hybrid Computing Applications


  • AI Development Environment: TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch
  • Core Development Kit: set of developers tools support C, C++ or OpenCL
  • Accelerated Libraries: Open-source, out-of-the-box written in C, C++ or Python
  • Xilinx Runtime library, host ARM or x86, APIs, kernel drivers, firmware, board utilities

The Vitis™ unified software platform is a new tool that combines all aspects of Xilinx® software development into one unified environment. The Vitis software platform supports both the Vitis embedded software development flow, for Xilinx Software Development Kit (SDK) users looking to move into the next-generation technology, and the Vitis application acceleration development flow, for software developers looking to use the latest in Xilinx FPGA-based software acceleration.

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  • Comprehensive core development kit to seamlessly build accelerated applications
  • Rich set of hardware-accelerated open-source libraries optimized for Xilinx hardware platforms
  • Plug-in domain-specific development environments enabling development directly in familiar, higher-level frameworks
  • A Growing ecosystem of hardware-accelerated partner libraries and pre-built applications 
  • Vitis IDE includes:
    • Feature-rich C/C++ code editor and compilation environment
    • Project management
    • Application build configuration and automatic Makefile generation
    • Error navigation
    • An integrated environment for seamless debugging and profiling of embedded targets
    • Source code version control
    • System-level performance analysis
    • Focused special tools to configure FPGA
    • Bootable image creation
    • Flash programming
    • Script-based command-line tool 
  • Vitis AI provides:
    • Supports mainstream frameworks and the latest models capable of diverse deep learning tasks.
    • Provides a comprehensive set of pre-optimized models that are ready to deploy on Xilinx® devices.
    • Provides a powerful quantizer that supports model quantization, calibration, and fine-tuning. For advanced users, Xilinx also offers an optional AI optimizer that can prune a model by up to 90%.
    • The AI profiler provides layer by layer analysis to help with bottlenecks.
    • The AI library offers unified high-level C++ and Python APIs for maximum portability from edge to cloud.
    • Customizes efficient and scalable IP cores to meet your needs for many different applications from a throughput, latency, and power perspective.
  • Aerospace & defense
  • Radar & EW
  • Wireless & wired communications
  • High performance computing
  • Medical
  • Smart city - vision system AI
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