HybridPACK™ DC6i



  • Blocking voltage 750 V
  • Nominal Current (IC) 650 A
  • Direct Cooled Base Plate with Ribbon Bonds
  • Guiding elements for PCB

HybridPACK™ DC6i 750V, 650A sixpack automotive-qualified IGBT module is a very compact six-pack module, optimized for hybrid and electric vehicles. This power module combines the benchmark EDT2 IGBT generation with Direct Cooled Base Plate with Ribbon Bonds (WAVE baseplate), NTC temperature sensor, and PressFIT contact technology. It offers an upgrade path for HybridPACK™ 1 and DC6 modules enabling inverter designs around 100 kW power range at 400 A RMS and 500V DC capability*.

*Estimated power range. The final result depends on the customer's design

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  • Electrical:
    • Tvj op = 150 °C
    • Short-time extended Operation Temperature Tvj op = 175 °C
    • EDT2 chip technology optimized in the range of 10 kHz switching frequencies
    • 2.5 kW AC 1min @ 50 Hz 
  • Mechanical:
    • Integrated NTC temperature sensor
    • RoHS compliant
  • Very compact design (25% lower size than HybridPACK™ Drive) with benchmark current density (direct cooling via Ribbon Bond structure for improved heat dissipation)
  • Superior efficiency by EDT2 technology for excellent light load power losses (20% improved compared to IGBT3)
  • Highest reliability by short circuit ruggedness and increased blocking voltage
  • Easy and fast assembly through PressFIT Contact Technology (solder-less mounting) and guiding elements
  • Fully qualified for Automotive (AQG324)


  • Main Inverter
  • Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles
  • Commercial, Construction and Agriculture Vehicles
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