STM32H723-733 725-735 & 730

Arm® Cortex®-M7 core (with double-precision floating point unit) running up to 550 MHz


  • Fast 16-bit and 12-bit ADCs
  • LCD-TFT controller with Chrom-ART Acceleratorâ„¢
  • On-the-fly decryption of code stored in external memory
  • Ethernet, FD-CAN, USB 2.0 HS/FS

The STM32H723/733, STM32H725/735, and STM32H730 lines are leaning on the STM32H7 DNA. They provide maximum performance up to 550 MHz, high integration with embedded Flash memory of 128 KB, advanced features, ECC on all embedded memories, while maintaining support for high operating ambient temperature, up to 125 °C. This new series of microcontrollers will allow customers to execute from external encrypted flash memories, hence avoiding exposing their sensitive SW IP even on external memory.

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  • Max Frequency up to 550MHz
  • Octal-SPI support with On-The-Fly-Decryption for increased perf vs Quad-SPI, more security and Octal-RAM support
  • Math acceleration (Trigonometric and Filtering) to off-load the core
  • ITCM RAM re-map capability for more flexibility in the code partitioning
  • Fast 12-bit ADC (in addition to the 16-bit ADC) for more flexibility
  • Parallel synchronous slave interface (PSSI) for more connectivity
  • New VFQFPN68 introduced for a more aggressive entry price and integration
  • STM32H730 Value Line :
    • Reduced Flash size down to 128KB mainly for user Bootloader storage and adjust to external memories environment
    • Secure services/Crypto/On-The-Fly-Decrypt by default on the STM32H730xxx and STM32H730xxxQ part numbers
  • Industrial Control
  • HMI
  • Medical
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