LFPAK33 Trench 9 Automotive

Trench 9 40V Automotive MOSFETs - Shrinking the power footprint

EBV - LFPAK33.jpg
EBV - LFPAK33.jpg

  • Fully automotive AEC-Q101 qualified to 175 °C
  • Ultra-campact footprint down to 10.9 mm2
  • Logic Level and Standard Level gate
  • Clip bond LFPAK33 package

With ever-increasing pressure to reduce the size of modules while at the same time increasing their functionality, LFPAK33 provides the benchmark in low-resistance, small-footprint packaging, providing up to 80% space saving compared to traditional DPAK alternatives. Bringing Nexperia's robust and reliable copper clip technology to the Power33 (3.3 mm x 3.3 mm) footprint, qualified to AEC-Q101 standards. The Nexperia LFPAK33 Trench 9 Automotive MOSFET portfolio is suitable for automotive applications such as powertrain, body control, and chassis and safety. Nexperia's broad released 40 V portfolio offers RDS(ON) from 3.3  to 20 mΩ.

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  • Combination of Trench 9 silicon technology and in clip bonded LFPAK33 package
  • Products offer low switching losses and low Rth performance
  • Benchmark Rth for thermally demanding applications
  • Strong fault condition tolerance due to technology features
  • Ultra-low height less than 1 mm2
  • Footprint 84% smaller than DPA
  • Up to 80 A per device
  • High transient robustness
  • Powertrain pumps & motors (oil, water, fuel)
  • Engine fans and pumps (BLDC & DC Motors)
  • Solenoid Control
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Auxiliary loads & motor control
  • Body Control
  • Chassis and Safety
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