Series of P-channel MOSFETs in the popular LFPAK56 package

LFPAK56 p channel.jpg
LFPAK56 p channel.jpg

  • Copper clip for high ID max rating up to 220 A and low package resistance/inductance
  • Automotive quality grade AEC-Q101
  • Flexible leads for improved reliability/Exposed leads allow for easy optical inspection
  • Enhanced die size for reduced RDS(on)

Introducing automotive P-channel LFPAK56 MOSFETs, further enhancing Nexperia's industry-leading portfolio of robust and reliable copper-clip packages.  Providing design engineers with more flexibility and choice, the Power-SO8 footprint-compatible MOSFETs offer exceptional power density, qualification to 175 °C, and up to 81% space saving compared to traditional DPAK and D2PAK alternatives. Ideally suited for automotive power applications such as reverse battery protection. The new products are available in 30 to 60 V, with RDS(ON) down to 10 mΩ (30 V).

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  • Suitable for high-temperature applications: 175 °C Tj max
  • High current transient robustness
  • Well-suited for high side drive
    • No charge pump required
    • Simplified interface drive circuit requirements
  • Proven package technology LFPAK56 (SOT669)
  • 100% footprint compatible with Power-SO8
  • Superior reliability and quality
  • Industrial portfolio expansion
    • RFS parts: PSMP061-60YE, PSMP033-60YE
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Load switch: high-side switch in low frequency
  • Buck converter for low power non-isolated point of loads
  • LED driver switch
  • EMC sensitive applications like seat, adjustment, sunroof
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