Best-in-Class Optical Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor AFE for Wearable Health


  • Complete dual-channel optical data acquisition system
  • Excellent top-end dynamic range > 91 dB in white card loopback Test (Nyquist StS variance)
  • Extended dynamic range up to 110dB (averaging and off-chip filtering)
  • Supports frame rates from 1 FPS to 2.9 kFPS

The MAX86171 is an ultra-low-power optical data acquisition system with both transmit and receive channels. On the transmitter side, the MAX86171 has nine LED driver output pins, programmable from three high-current, 8-bit LED drivers. On the receiver side, MAX86171 has two low-noise charge integrating front-ends that each includes independent 19.5-bit ADCs and best-in-class ambient light cancellation (ALC) circuits, producing the highest performing integrated optical data acquisition system on the market today. 

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  • Ultra-low-power operation:
    • optical readout channel < 11 μA at 25 FPS
    • Low Shutdown Current < 1μA
    • Perfect for wearable devices
  • Exposure integration period:
    • From 14.6 μs to 117.1 μs
  • High-resolution 19.5-bit charge integrating ADCs
  • Supports 4 PD inputs for multi-parameter measurements
  • Supports 9 LED driver output pins generated from 3 x 8-bit LED current drivers
  • Low dark current Noise:
    • Less than 50 pA RMS
    • Sample-to-Sample (StS) variance in 117.1 μs integration time
  • Excellent ambient range and rejection capability:
    • Less than 100 μA ambient photodetector current
    • Less than 70 dB ambient rejection at 120 Hz (average mode > 2)
  • Miniature WLP package size:
    • 2.78 x 1.71 mm
    • 7 x 4,  0.35 mm ball pitch 
  • Operating temperature range
    • -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Wearable for Fitness, Wellness, and Medical Applications
  • Clinical Accuracy
  • Suitable for Wrist, Finger, Ear, and Other Locations
  • Optical Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)
  • Body Hydration
  • Muscle and Tissue Oxygen Saturation (SmO2 and StO2)
  • Maximum Oxygen Consumption (VO2 max)
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