Integrated Optical Sensor Module for Mobile Health


  • Miniature 3.5 x 7.0 x 1.5 mm, 14-pin optical module
  • Optical-grade glass for optimal and robust long-term performance
  • Ultra-low-power operation for mobile devices
  • Ultra-low shutdown current

The MAX86916 is an integrated optical sensor platform with applications in bio-sensing, proximity, and color. It includes internal LEDs, photodetectors, and low-noise electronics with ambient-light-rejection circuitry. The MAX86916 helps ease the design-in effort to all mobile and wearable devices. The MAX86916 operates on a 1.8 V supply voltage, with a separate 5.5 V power supply for the internal LEDs. Communication with the module is accomplished through the standard I2C-compatible interface. The module can be shut down through software with near-zero standby current.

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  • Miniature, multipurpose device:
    • Reflective Heart Rate (HR) monitor
    • Medical-grade pulse oximeter
    • Bio-optical sensor platform
  • Integrated LEDs (R, G, B, IR), and PD
  • Built-in low noise crosstalk cancellation
  • Proprietary ambient light cancellation (ALC):
    • Flicker rejection at 100/120 Hz
  • Finger proximity detection
  • 19-bit ADC for the optical sensor
  • FIFO buffer with 32 samples depth
  • Advanced interrupt engine
  • Separate power supply for the optical subsystem
  • Power supply voltage:
    • From 1.7 to 2.0 V
  • LED supply voltage:
    • From 3.5 to 5.5 V
  • Ultra-low-power shutdown mode:
    • Supply current: 0.7 μA (typ.)
    • LED supply current: 0.7 μA (typ.)
  • Adjustable LED drive current:
    • From 0 to 150 mA
  • LED pulse width:
    • From 70 to 420 μs, in 4 discrete steps
  • Operating temperature range:
    • From -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Smartphones/Accessories
  • Tablets
  • Wearable Devices
  • Fitness Assistant Devices
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