23 VIN 3.2 AOUT USB-C Buck-Boost Charger with Integrated FETs for 2S Li-Ion Batteries


  • 3.5 V to 23 V Input Operating Range, Withstands up to 30 V(DC)
  • Reverse Leakage Protection
  • 50 mA to 3.15 A Programmable Input Current Limit
  • 50 mA to 3.2 A Programmable Constant Current Charge

The MAX77962 is a high-performance wide-input 3.2 A buck-boost charger with a Smart Power Selector™ and operates as a reverse buck without an additional inductor, allowing the IC to power USB On-the-Go (OTG) accessories. The device integrates low-loss power switches and provides small solution size, high-efficiency, low heat, and fast battery charging. The reverse buck has a true-load disconnect and is protected by an adjustable output current limit. The device is highly flexible and programmable through I2C configuration or autonomously through resistor configuration.

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  • Remote Differential Voltage Sensing
  • 600 kHz or 1.2 MHz Switching Frequency Options
  • System Instant-On with Smart Power Selector Power-Path
  • ​Charge Safety Timer
  • Die Temperature Regulation with Thermal Foldback Loop
  • Input Power Management with Adaptive Input Current Limit (AICL) and Input Voltage Regulation
  • 10 mΩ BATT to SYS Switch, Up to 10 A Overcurrent Threshold
  • ​Reverse Buck Mode 5.1 V/1.5 A to Support USB OTG
  • JEITA Compliant with NTC Thermistor Monitor
  • I2C or Resistor Programmable
  • 3.458 mm x 3.458 mm 49-Bump WLP
  • USB Type-C Powered Wide-Input Charging Applications
  • 2-Cell Battery Powered Devices
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