AS3933 LF Receiver IC

Programmable 3D LF wake-up receiver


  • Reliable wake-up pattern detection
  • Wake-up sensitivity 80 µVRMS (typ.)
  • Low power listening mode (2.3 µA)
  • One, two, or three-channel operation (works with 3-D antenna)

The AS3933 is a three-channel ASK receiver that generates a wake-up signal upon detecting data signal with a carrier frequency in the range from 15 to 150 kHz. The programmable features of AS3933 allow optimizing its settings to achieve a longer distance while retaining a reliable signal detection. The adjustable sensitivity level enables reliable detection even in noisy environments, while the automatic antenna tuning feature ensures perfect matching to the desired carrier frequency. The AS3933 can wake up active tags in RTLS, PKE, and other similar tracking and access control systems.

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  • Programmable wake-up pattern (16-bit or 32-bit Manchester)
  • Wakeup without pattern detection supported:
    • Periodical forced wakeup (1 s to 2 h)
  • Adjustable data rate:
    • 0.5 to 4 kbps (Manchester)
  • Adjustable sensitivity level
  • Enables longer battery life:
    • Consumption in 3-channel listening mode: 1.7 µA (typ.)
  • Bidirectional SPI interface
  • Highly resistant to false wake-ups
  • Easy antenna tuning for perfect CF matching
  • Self-calibration of the internal RC-oscillator
  • False wakeup counter
  • Long-range wake-up event detection
  • Manchester decoding with clock recovery
  • Digital RSSI values available for each channel
  • Dynamic range: 64 dB
  • 5-bit RSSI step (2 dB per step)
  • Clock generator based on 32 kHz XTAL, RC-OSC, or external clock
  • Operating temperature range -40 to +85 ºC
  • Package option: 16 pin TSSOP, QFN 4x4
  • Asset tracking in harsh conditions
  • ID systems (operator, access control)
  • Wireless sensors
  • Real-time location systems
  • Active RFID tags
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