TLP2312 / TLP2372

High-Speed Communications Photocouplers

Toshiba_TLP2312 and TLP2372.jpg
Toshiba_TLP2312 and TLP2372.jpg

  • Low supply voltage down to 2.2 V
  • Low threshold input current of 1.6 mA
  • Low profile 5pin SO6 package with max. height of 2.3 mm
  • High operating temperature rating : Topr max = 125 °C

Toshiba's TLP2312 and TLP2372 the industry’s first high-speed communications photocouplers that can operate with a supply voltage as low as 2.2 V. The two devices have typical data transfer rates of 5Mbps (TLP2312) and 20 Mbps (TLP2372) and are specifically designed to operate with low voltage rails, down to 2.2 V.

The new photocouplers are housed in a 5-pin SO-6 package with a maximum height of 2.3 mm, offering a low profile for height-constrained applications and bringing greater freedom for component layout on printed circuit boards.


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  • Can be operated from 2.5 V, 3.3 V, and 5 V systems
  • Can be driven directly from a microcontroller
  • Low power consumption

Additional Benefits

  • No need for separate power supply rail
  • Fewer components needed
  • Saving space on PCBs
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • General purpose inverters
  • Measuring equipment
  • Control equipment
  • High-speed digital interfaces
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