XENSIV™ Sense2GoL Pulse

XENSIV™ Sense2GoL Pulse, Radar Development Kit


  • Capability to detect motion, speed, and direction of movement (approach or retreat)
  • Detection range of 18 m for human targets
  • Can be operated in harsh environments
  • Multiple power supply choices

This development kit allows the user to implement and test several sensing applications at the 24 GHz ISM band such as motion detection and speed measurement. The kit operates in a pulsed mode achieving 18 m detection range with a sensor power consumption less than 5 mW. The demonstration kit consists of two boards, the radar front end board: SHIELD_BGT24LTR11 and the microcontroller board: RADAR BB XMC4700. The baseboard adds additional flexibility by allowing battery operation, current measurements, SD card reader for storage and Arduino compatible pin connectors.


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  • Movement detection through non-metallic materials
  • Low power consumption:
    • Power consumption is lower than 5 mW for 18 m target detection
  • Higher detection sensitivity compared to PIR-based sensors
  • Multiple power supply choices:
    • Micro USB, external power supply, battery
  • Arduino compatible microcontroller board:
    • Arduino standard connectors
  • Modulation parameters can be changed to suit the application requirements
  • Multiple current sensors for current consumption monitoring and optimization
  • RADAR BB XMC4700 MCU board, main components:
    • XMC4000 family MCUs for industrial applications
    • XMC4700-E196K2048, as the main application MCU 
    • XMC4200Q48K256ABXUMA1, as the programmer/debugger MCU
  • SHIELD_BGT24LTR11 radar front-end board, main components:
    • BGT24LTR11N16 24 GHz SiGe radar transceiver MMIC
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Smart Home
  • Automatic door opener
  • Speed measurement
  • Security
  • Intelligent switches
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