Zener Diodes

Leaded and Leadless packages offer compact voltage regulation for high density circuits


  • Comprehensive range of package and power dissipation options
  • Customized, effective protection in small scaled, high density circuit designs
  • Wide range of working voltages
  • Narrow working-voltage tolerances

Nexperia's Zener diodes can act as voltage regulator diodes in most electronic applications. The broad AEC-Q101 qualified portfolio includes both Japanese and European selection groups in a wide variety of voltage, package, and configuration options. In fact, the comprehensive selection guide (± 1500 product types) gives you the option of customized designs on small scale, high-density circuit designs. The widely used Zener series has been expanded to the additional package SOT-323 which reduces footprint & height compared to the SOT-23 solution.

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  • Portfolio Extension: Expanding widely used Zener series to an additional package SOT-323
    • Complete series of Zener diodes
    • Industrial standard E24 voltage range
    • Suitable for wave soldering and reflow soldering 
    • Reverse voltage range VZ from 2.4 V to 75 V
    • Forward current IF max 200 mA
    • Reverse power dissipation PZSM max 40W
    • 1 series with European spec with B- & C- selection
    • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • 1051 standard leaded part numbers available in:
    • SOT-23, SOT-323, SOT-89, SOT-223, SOD-123(F), SOD-323(F), and SOD-523
  • 150 leadless DFN part numbers available in:
    • DFN1006(BD)-2 (SOD-882) incl. parts with side-wettable flanks
  • 310 glass package part numbers available in:
    • SOD-27, SOD-80, and SOD-66 packages
  • Technical Specification Ranges:
    • Imax from 200 mA to 500 mA 
    • Vmax from 2 V to 105 V
    • Ptot from 250 mW to 1500 mW
  • General Voltage Regulation
  • Voltage Reference Functions
  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Voltage Stabilization
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