STWIN SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node development kit for industrial IoT


  • Multi-sensing Wireless Platform Implementing Vibration Monitoring and Ultrasound Detection
  • Wide Range of Industrial IoT Sensors
  • Modular Architecture, Expandable via On-board Connectors
  • Wireless BLE4.2, RS485 and USB OTG Connectivity

The STWIN SensorTile wireless industrial node (STEVAL-STWINKT1) is a development kit and reference design that simplifies prototyping and testing of advanced industrial IoT applications such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The kit features a core system board with a range of embedded industrial-grade sensors and an ultra-low-power microcontroller for vibration analysis, and high precision local temperature and environmental monitoring.

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  • Micro SD Card slot for standalone data logging applications
  • Ultra-wide bandwidth (up to 6 kHz), low-noise, 3-axis digital vibration sensor (IIS3DWB)
  • 3D accelerometer + 3D Gyro iNEMO inertial measurement unit (ISM330DHCX) with machine learning core
  • Ultra-low-power high performance MEMS motion sensor (IIS2DH)
  • Ultra-low-power 3-axis magnetometer (IIS2MDC)
  • Digital absolute pressure sensor (LPS22HH)
  • Relative humidity and temperature sensor (HTS221)
  • Low-voltage digital local temperature sensor (STTS751)
  • Industrial grade digital MEMS microphone (IMP34DT05)
  • Wideband analog MEMS microphone (MP23ABS1)
  • STMOD+ and 40-pin flex general-purpose expansions
  • 12-pin male plug for connectivity expansions
  • 12-pin female plug for sensing expansions
  • Li-Po battery 480 mAh
  • STLINK-V3MINI debugger with programming cable
  • Plastic box
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking
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