Brushed DC Motor Driver IC with wide voltage range and non-latching overcurrent detection


  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Low stand-by current
  • Overcurrent detection with auto-return
  • Small HTSSOP8 package, only 4.9 x 6.0mm

Toshiba's TB67H451FNG brushed DC Motor driver IC features automatic return after overcurrent detection. While the TB67H450FNG is a latch-type device, where output is turned off indefinitely until a power cycle or entering and leaving the standby mode, the TB67H451FNG has an auto-return function that resumes the operation without any external control. When the overcurrent condition subsides, operation returns to normal. The device is capable of operating from a wide range of input voltages, from 4.5 V to 44 V. The maximum motor drive output is 44 V at 3 A.


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  • Wide range of input voltages, from 4.5 V to 44 V (Operating)
  • High current drive capability of up to 3 A (Operating)
  • Automatic transition into standby mode
  • Ultra-low standby power of just 1 μA
  • Small HTSSOP8 package, only 4.9 x 6.0 mm
  • Popular pinout

Other benefits

  • High motor torque in space-restricted environments
  • Ideal in a platform solution supporting entry-level up to premium devices
  • Better user experience for battery-driven applications and easier compliance with energy consumption requirements
  • Enables multi-sourcing strategies (2nd source) 
  • Industrial equipment including OA equipment
  • Home Appliances
  • Battery Powered Devices
  • Devices Using 5 V USB Power Supplies
  • EV Charging Stations (Locks to Secure Plug)
  • Electric Curtains
  • POS Terminals
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