Silicon Carbide MOSFETs

Series of 1200 V and 900 V rated SiC MOSFETS in TO247 and D2PAK


  • 1200 V and 900 V Rated
  • Typicall RDSON from 20 mΩ to 160 mΩ
  • D2PAK and TO247 Packages
  • Industrial and Automotive Grade (AEC−Q101 Qualified, and PPAB Capable)

Silicon Carbide Technology has a better thermal conductivity (3x) and a higher breakdown field strength (10x) over traditional Silicon technology. This enables higher current density, lower capacitance hence faster-switching frequency and low on-resistance at a device level. Benefits for systems employing Silicon Carbide devices are consequently reduced losses, higher temperature operation, and optimized system size & weight performance.

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  • Superior characteristics over conventional Si technology
  • D2PAK 7-lead package
  • TO247 package with 3 or 4 leads
  • 100% UIL Tested
  • Pb-Free and RoHS Compliant
  • DC/DC Converter
  • PFC Boost Inverter
  • Power Supply
  • PV Photovoltaic Inverter and Charging
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