Fully Integrated, Single-cell Li-Ion Battery Charger


  • Fully Integrated Stand-alone Charger for Single Cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer Batteries
  • No Firmware or Software Required
  • Small Package Size
  • 28 V Maximum Input Voltage, 6 V Battery Pin Voltage, up to 500 mA Charge Current

The FAN54120 is a small, low-cost, fully integrated single-cell Li-Ion battery charger supporting dead battery revival, pre-charge, fast charge, and float charge states. It does not require any firmware or software to work, thereby the stand-alone charger allows tamper-proof systems to be built. Being available in the DFN6 package with 2 x 2 mm or a WLCSP6 package with 1.36 x 0.76 mm, it is the smallest battery charger on the market.

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  • Fully integrated stand-alone charger for single-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries
  • Factory configured charging voltage (ordering option)
  • No firmware or software required
  • ±0.5% charging voltage accuracy
  • User-selectable fast charge current via external resistor
  • ±4% charge current accuracy
  • 28 V maximum input voltage
  • Ultra-low battery discharge current (< 150 nA)
  • The true reverse current blocking
  • Adaptive thermal regulation
  • Supports JEITA Safe-to-Charge operation with an external NTC
  • Supports dead battery revival, pre-charge, fast charge, and float charge states
  • Power Back functionality to power accessories from the battery
  • STAT pin can be used to control a LED for battery charging (ON), and charge complete (OFF) indication
  • IoT Sensor Nodes
  • Wearable Electronics
  • Medical Monitor & Alert
  • Low-Power Handheld Devices
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