AS5047x family (U/P/D)

High-resolution rotary position sensor


  • DAEC™ Dynamic Angle Error Compensation
  • DFS™ Dynamic Filter System
  • Magnetic Stray Field Immunity
  • Independent Output Interfaces: SPI, ABI, UVW, PWM

The AS5047x family is a high-resolution rotary position sensor for fast absolute angle measurement over a full 360-degree range. This position sensor is equipped with revolutionary integrated dynamic angle error compensation (DAEC™) with almost 0 latency at a higher rotational speed.

The robust design of the device suppresses the influence of any homogenous external stray magnetic field.

The sensor supports several interfaces such as standard UVW commutation interface, incremental ABI interface (16989 steps / 4096 pulses per revolution) and PWM-encoded output for absolute angle position.

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  • Easy to use - saving costs on DSP
  • Higher durability and lower system costs (no shield needed)
  • Versatile choice of the interface
  • Potentiometer
  • Stepper motor
  • Robotics & Drones
  • BLDC motor control
  • Servo motors
  • High-speed angle sensing
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