Low Power Consumption High Gain Optocouplers


  • High Current Transfer Ratio - 3500% at IF = 40 µA
  • Specified AC and DC Performance over Temperature: -40 °C to 105 °C
  • Ultra Low Input Current Capability 40 µA
  • Stretched SO-8 package

The ACPL-K70A is a low power consumption high gain single channel optocoupler. It is the equivalent single channel product of the dual-channel ACPL-K73A in a stretched SO-8 footprint. Each channel can be driven with an input current as low as 40 µA and has a typical current transfer ratio of 3500%. This high gain coupler uses an AlGaAs LED and an integrated high gain photodetector to provide an extremely high current transfer ratio between input and output. This device is designed for use in CMOS, LSTTL, and other low power applications. 

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  • Specified for 3.3 V and 5 V Operation
  • TTL and CMOS Compatible Output
  • tPHL and tPLH at 2 µs and 40 µs respectively @IF = 12 mA
  • Worldwide Safety Approval: UL 1577 recognized - 5000 V(RMS) for 1 minute
  • CSA Approval
  • IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5 Approval for Reinforced Insulation
  • The VCC and VO terminals can be tied together to achieve conventional Darlington operation
  • An external resistor at the transistor base can be added to make a gain-bandwidth or input current threshold adjustment
  • Separate pins for the photodiode and output stage resulting in TTL compatible saturation voltages and high-speed operation


  • RS232 line receivers
  • PLC I/Os
  • Control Signal Isolation
  • Microprocessor bus isolation
  • Digital Logic Ground Isolation
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