Three phase rectifier bridge, Power Diode Module


  • WMM01 Package
  • High Operating Temperature Capability, Tj (max) = 150 °C
  • Diodes Made in Planar Process
  • High Voltage Capability of 1600V and a High Inrush Current Capability

WDMF75M16 is WeEn's first Power Module. This Three Phase Rectifier Bridge comes in the industry standard WMM01 package. This package features heat transfer through an aluminum oxide DBC, ceramic isolated metal baseplate. It has a high voltage capability of 1600 V and a high inrush current capability. The six silicon diodes are made in a planar process. The diodes have a high operating temperature capability, Tj (max) = 150 °C.

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  • Three-phase rectifiers 
  • Heat transfer through aluminum oxide DBC, ceramic isolated metal baseplate
  • High voltage capability
  • High inrush current capability
  • Planar process
  • High operating temperature capability: Tj (max) = 150 °C
  • Three phase rectification for power supplies
  • Rectification for DC motor field supplies
  • Battery charger rectifiers
  • Input rectification for variable frequency drives
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