Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET 650 V, 116 A, 18 mΩ in an H2PAK-7 package


  • Very High Operating Junction Temperature Capability (TJ = 175 °C)
  • Very Fast and Robust Intrinsic Body Diode
  • Extremely Low Gate Charge and Input Capacitances
  • Automotive Grade Version Available

This silicon carbide Power MOSFET device has been developed using ST's advanced and innovative 2nd generation SiC MOSFET technology. The device features remarkably low ON-resistance per unit area and very good switching performance. The variation of switching loss is almost independent of junction temperature.

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  • Low ON-state resistance: 18 mΩ typ. @ 25 °C
  • High current capability: continuous drain current (ID)  116 A max. @ 25 °C
  • Simple to drive
  • Broad portfolio of 650 V and 1200 V SiC MOSFETs in thru-hole and SMD technology.
  • Switching Applications
  • Power Supply for Renewable Energy Systems
  • High Frequency DC-DC Converters
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