Wireless Flow Rate, Humidity, and Temperature Sensing Evaluation Kit


  • Wi-Fi Hub with ZWIR4512 (6LoWPAN)
  • Wireless Sensors Module with HS3001 and FS2012
  • Micro USB to USB Adapter
  • Mini HDMI to HDMI Adapter

The SDAWIR03 evaluation kit offers real-time sensor data collection that seamlessly integrates into sensor management services hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, making it easier for engineers and software developers to design complex IoT solutions and applications, eliminating the need for specific device expertise. The kit offers a complete IoT solution, based on our ZWIR45xx 6LoWPAN module platform that is provisioned and configured for AWS.

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  • HS3001 Humidity and Temperature Sensor with I2C Interface In The Sensor Cube
  • FS2012 Flow Sensor with I2C Interface in the Sensor Cube
  • License-Free 868/915 MHz Frequency Bands
  • IPv6 Module Addressing
  • 4 Channels in EU Mode; 10 Channels in US Mode
  • Hub WiFi Connections: 2.4 GHz
  • No Software to Install: Apply Power and WiFi Link to the Hub to View Measurements
  • The Hub Can Also Link To a Local WiFi Hub to View Measurements
  • When Linked to a Local WiFi Hub, the Hub Can Link to Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Write Sensor Data to AWS
  • All The Required Setup is Included to Allow Writing Data to the End-user's AWS Account
  • Over-The-Air Update (OTAU) Functionality in the Hub and Sensor Cube; Automatic OTAU from IDT, if Linked to AWS
  • Multiple Cubes with Sensors Installed Can Communicate with the Hub and Have Results Displayed
  • Cubes Automatically Mesh if Needed to Complete The Communication Path to the Hub
  • The Hub and Sensor Cube Operate from a 5.0 V DC and Micro-USB Connector; Wall-Mount Power Supply Adapters Are Included
  • Wall-Mount Adapters Have the AC Mains Connection Plugs Commonly Used Worldwide or in North America
  • Home & Building Automation
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