Photocoupler RV1S9x60A

Toward Realization of Low Power Consumption and High Speed Communication Equipment


  • High speed: 15 Mbps
  • Low Current Drive: IFHL 2 mA Max. (RV1S9160A)
  • Noise Tolerance: CMR 50 kV/┬Ás Min.
  • Packages: SO-5 (RV1S9160A), LSO-5 (RV1S9060A), LSDIP (RV1S9960A)

Today’s Industrial equipment trend is toward smaller footprints and greater energy conservation and cost savings. Along with this, the temperature rise that results from a high-density PCB layout and the noise generated due to high-speed power devices creates problems for system designers. The RV1S9x60A photocouplers solve these problems with three key features: low threshold input current (IFHL), high operational temperature, and high noise tolerance to protect MCUs and other logic circuits from high voltage transients when the photocoupler transfers high-speed input signals.






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  • Propagation Delay Time (tPHL, tPLH): 60 ns Max.
  • Pulse Width Distortion (PWD): 20 ns Max.
  • Propagation Delay Skew (tPSK): 25 ns Max.
  • Low Input Drive Current (IFHL): 2 mA Max. (RV1S9160A), 2.2 mA Max. (RV1S9060A), 3.8 mA Max. (RV1S9960A)
  • Low Output IC Circuit Current (IDD): 2 mA Max.
  • Supply Voltage (VDD): 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • High Temperature Operation: 125 ºC (RV1S9160A, RV1S9060A), 110 ºC (RV1S9960A)
  • Isolation Voltage: 3.75 kV RMS (RV1S9160A), 5 kV RMS (RV1S9060A), 7.5 kV RMS (RV1S9960A)
  • Creepage Distance, Clearance Distance: 4.2 mm (RV1S9160A), 8 mm (RV1S9060A), 14.5 mm (RV1S9960A)
  • CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) : 400 (RV1S9160A, RV1S9060A), 175 (RV1S9960A)
  • Safety Standards Approval: UL (UL1577), CSA (CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.62368-1), VDE (DIN EN 60747-5-5) (Option)
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