50-Bit Full Magnetic Energy Harvesting Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder Module


  • Patented Energy Harvesting Technology
  • Total 50-bit Resolution With 18-bit Single-Turn and 32-bit Multi-Turn
  • Overall Encoder Outer Diameter Ø33 mm and Maximum Height of 20 mm
  • Built-in Communication Protocol (Option): Standard SSI, BiSS C & RS-485 Half-Duplex

The AS33-M50M series encoder is a 50-bit absolute magnetic encoder comprising of 18-bit single-turn (ST) and 32-bit multi-turn (MT) counts. It features the state-of-the-art Energy Harvesting Multi-turn technology, high resolution, and a compact size. This encoder has a built-in communication protocol, which is supported by a full-duplex or half-duplex line transmissions drive, offering good noise immunity for more robust data transmission in harsh industrial applications. It is a robust solution against contamination such as dust and fingerprints on the sensing element.

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  • Built-in Temperature Sensor
  • Operating Temperature Range -40 °C to 115 °C.
  • Magnetic System Robust Against Contaminant
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Servo Motor
  • Robotic Engineering and Automation
  • Factory and Automotive Automation
  • Specialized Equipment
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