1MBd Digital Optocoupler

ACNU-250L in 11 mm Stretched S08 package


  • TTL Compatible
  • Open-Collector Output
  • Guaranteed AC and DC Performance Over Wide Temperature: -40 °C to 105 °C
  • 11 mm Creepage and 10.5 mm Clearance in Stretched SO-8 Package

The ACNU-250L is a single-channel fast optocoupler device in an 11-mm stretched SO-8 package. The device is equipped with an insulating layer between the LED and an integrated photon detector to provide electrical insulation between the input and the output. Having separate connections for the photodiode bias and output transistor collector reduces the base-collector capacitance and greatly enhances the data speed compared to a conventional photo-transistor coupler. It is suitable for isolated communication logic interfaces, industrial applications, renewable inverters, medical equipment, etc.

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  • Wide Operating VCC Range: 3 to 24 V
  • Internal Clearance (DTI): 0.5 mm
  • High Speed: 1 MBd/s
  • 40 kV/μs Minimum Common Mode Rejection (CMR) at VCM = 1500 V
  • Safety and Regulatory Approvals:
    • UL 1577 Recognized: 5,000 V (RMS) for 1 Minute
    • CSA Approved
    • IEC/EN 60747-5-5 Approved for Reinforced Insulation: VIORM = 1,414 VPEAK
  • Communication Interface
  • Feedback Elements in Switching Power Supplies
  • Digital isolation for A/D, D/A Conversion
  • High Voltage Power Systems (i.e., 600 VAC Drives)
  • Renewable Energy Inverters (i.e., 1 kV DC Solar Inverters)
  • Medical imaging and Patient Monitoring
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