Half-Bridge Gate Driver for GaN Power Switches


  • 650 V, High-Side and Low-Side Gate Driver
  • Fast and Matched Propagation Delay
  • Regulated Gate Driver with Independent Output Stages
  • QFN 4 x 4 mm Optimized Pinout Package

The NCP51820, a high-speed gate driver, is designed to meet the requirements of driving enhancement mode (e-mode) and gate injection transistor (GIT) GaN HEMT power switches in offline, half-bridge power topologies.

Both drive stages employ a voltage regulator to maintain the gate-source drive signal and to fully protect the gate of the GaN power transistor. The gate driver offers short and matched propagation delays as well as -3.5 V to +650 V (typical) common-mode voltage range for the high-side drive. It offers protection functions based on voltage monitoring and thermal shutdown.


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  • Propagation Delay of 50 ns MAX
  • Matched Propagation Delay of 5 ns MAX
  • Level Shift Technology Providing -3.5 V to +650 V (Typ.) Common-Mode Voltage Range for the High-Side Drive and -3.5 V to +3.5 V Common-Mode Voltage Range for the Low-Side Drive
  • 200 V/ns (dV/dt) Rating for all SW and PGND Referenced Circuitry
  • Separate Source and Sink Output Pin
  • Regulated 5.2 V Gate Driver with Independent UVLO for High-Side and Low-Side Output Stages
  • QFN 4 x 4 mm Packaging with Optimized Pinout
  • Resonant Converters
  • Half Bridge and Full Bridge converters
  • Active Clamp Flyback Converters
  • Totem Pole Bridgeless PFC
  • Industrial Inverter and Motor Drive
  • Server/Cloud Data-Center Offline Power
  • Power Supply for OLED TV
  • High Power Adapters and Power Supplies
  • USD PD Cellphone and Notebook Travel Adapter
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