11-Channel Spectral Color Sensor


  • 8 Optical Channels Covering The Entire Visible Range
  • 3 Extra Channels: Clear, Flicker, and NIR Channel
  • 6 Parallel ADCs for Signal Processing
  • Ultra-low Profile Package: 3.1 mm x 2 mm x 1 mm

The AS7341 is one of the industry's first 11-channel spectral sensors that cover the entire visible range. Unlike existing RGB & XYZ sensors, the AS7431 measures light spectrum similar to a spectrometer with a good resolution. It features eight channels for the visible light, one channel for near-IR, and one channel without a filter. Also featuring a flicker detection engine for up to 1.5 kHz, it offers unprecedented precision for ambient light color sensing, light source detection, display analysis, automatic white balance, and reflective color measurement, all in an ultra-low-profile package

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  • Spectral Information Enables Highly Accurate Object Color Measurements
  • Detection and Rejection of Environmental Influences Such as Light Sources
  • Optimized Channel Count and Signal Processing for Fast Measurements
  • Smartphone-compatible Package
  • Color Matching and Skin Tone Measurement
  • Enhanced AI Search and Shop by Color (eCommerce Boost)
  • Flicker Compensated Camera Operation and Image Optimization
  • Light Source Detection and Improved AWB
  • CRI Measurement for Improved Post-processing of Images
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