300 W GaN RF Energy Transistor With Better Efficiency Than Magnetron


  • 73% Efficiency at P1dB Enabling One of The Lowest Power Consumption Systems on The Market
  • High Gain and Lower Power Dissipation Reduces Total Cost
  • Easier to Match Thanks to High Output Impedance Ensuring Consistency in Manufacturing
  • Accurate Power Control, Larger Mean Time to Failure, Easy-to-use

The new RF Energy GaN transistor from NXP is one of the first solid-state devices that exceeds the efficiency of magnetrons. The MRF24G300HS delivers up to 73% drain efficiency, 5% above the latest LDMOS. The naturally high output impedance of GaN enables a more broadband match than LDMOS, enabling manufacturing consistency: no production tuning is needed. GaN on SiC combines the high power density of Gallium Nitride with the superior thermal conductivity of Silicon-Carbide. At 48 V, the MRF24G300HS outputs 330 W of CW power. The MRF24G300HS has been designed for CW and long pulses (cycling).

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  • Advanced GaN on SiC, for Optimal Thermal Performance
  • Characterized for CW, Long Pulse (up to Several Seconds) and Short Pulse Operations
  • Device Can Be Used in a Single-Ended or Push-Pull Configuration
  • Input Matched for Simplified Input Circuitry
  • Qualified up to 55 V
  • Suitable for Linear Applications
  • Industrial Heating; Welding; Drying
  • Emerging Applications: Tune and Magnetron Replacement
  • Cooking; Microwave Oven
  • Medical; Diathermy; Ablation
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