InnoSwitch™3-EP 900V

Complete Range of Switcher ICs with Integrated 900V MOSFETs


  • Integrated FluxLink™, HIPOT-isolated, feedback link
  • QR/CCM flyback controller, 725V/900V MOSFET, secondary-side sensing, synch rectification
  • Up to 90% across line and load conditions for compact SMPS up to 35W without heatsinks
  • Exceptional CV/CC accuracy, independent of external components

The new products include 900 V versions of the flagship InnoSwitch™3-EP IC family, which enable extremely high-efficiency isolated flybacks up to 35 W. 900 V product families feature internal control engines optimized for high efficiency across load to easily meet energy-related products (ErP) limits, and a variety of line and load protection mechanisms to further enhance system robustness and reliability. Devices achieve industry-leading efficiencies of up to 90% across line and load conditions, reducing power supply losses and resulting in compact power supplies without heatsinks.

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  • Very high efficiency across full load range
  • Excellent multi-output cross regulation with weighted secondary-side regulation (SSR) feedback and synch FETs
  • Adjustable accurate output current sense using external output sense resistor EcoSmart™ – Energy Efficient
  • Less than 15 mW no-load including line sense
  • Easily meets all global energy efficiency regulations
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Advanced Protection / Safety Features
  • Open SR FET-gate detection
  • Fast input line UV/OV protection
  • Auto-restart fault response for output OVP Optional Features
  • Auto-restart output UV protection with option for peak power delivery HV, Self-Powered, Half-bridge Motor Drive with Integrated Device Protection, System Monitoring


  • Three-Phase Industrial Power Supplies up to 480 V(AC)
  • High-Quality Consumer Products with Unstable Mains Grids
  • Energy Meter
  • Major Appliances
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