XGS 12000

12.6 MP CMOS Image Sensor, Global Shutter, 1" optical format


  • Advanced 3.2 ┬Ám Global Shutter Pixel Design
  • High Resolution with High Image Quality and Uniformity
  • Two Speed Grades, Monochrome and Bayer Color Configurations
  • Energy Efficient Design in a Compact Package

ON Semiconductor's X-Class image sensor platform allows a single camera design to support multiple product resolutions and also different pixel functionalities.

The initial devices, the XGS 12000 and XGS 8000 in the X-Class family are based on the first pixel architecture to be deployed in this platform: an advanced 3.2 µm global shutter CMOS image sensor that features superior imaging performance, high image uniformity, and low noise.

The XGS 12000 provides 4K / UHD (4096 x 3072) resolution in a 1" optical format and is available in two speed grades: 27 and 90 FPS.

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  • Member of the X-Class Image Sensor Platform: Allows One Camera Design to Support Multiple Resolutions and Different Pixel Designs with Only Minor Modifications
  • X-Class Platform Allows for Simplified Design and Faster Time to Market for New Camera Designs
  • 12.6 MP (4096 x 3072) 4K / UHD Resolution Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor in 1" Optical Format
  • Two Speed Grades are Available (27 and 90 FPS)
  • Both Monochrome and Bayer Color Configurations Are Supported
  • High-Resolution Global Shutter Imaging with High Readout Speed for Industrial Imaging and Machine Vision Customers
  • A Compact Package Design and Compatibility with the 29 x 29 mm2 Camera Footprint
  • Machine Vision
  • Industrial Cameras and Systems
  • Inspection System
  • Security Cameras and Systems
  • Broadcast Cameras
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