Security, HMI and Flexible Communication Interfaces for IoT applications


  • Real-time Performance and Extremely Low Active Power
  • Advanced security capabilities including SRAM PUF for Key Generation and Storage
  • Advanced HMI & Flexible Communication Peripherals
  • Comprehensive Enablement

Offering flashless design and security integration, the LPC540xx/LPC54S0xx family of MCUs combines a 180 MHz Cortex®-M4 core with a power-efficient and unique architecture, advanced HMI and flexible communication peripherals for real-time performance in the next-generation IoT. Featuring flexibility with a quad SPI flash interface, CAN, graphic LCD and up to 11 channels for FlexComm, this family provides the ability to adapt as requirements change. Compatibility within the LPC54000 series provide a seamless migration path for increasing processing power and additional advanced peripherals.

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Extremely Low Active Power with 180MHz Performance and Security

  • Arm Cortex-M4 core running up to 180MHz with active modes of 120 μA/MHz
  • SRAM PUF for Key generation and storage
  • Secure Boot
  • AES engine, SHA-2

Advanced HMI & Flexible Communication Peripherals

  • Up to 21 flexible communication peripherals to interface with memory, connectivity modules, and a variety of sensors
  • Numerous wake-up sources, ample timers
  • Integrated TFT control allows to keep the overall cost and complexity to a minimum

Comprehensive enablement

  • Complimentary MCUXpresso IDE and Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Integration of Segger’s emWIN Graphics Library into SDK
  • Faster time to market with comprehensive development hardware and reference designs
  • Industrial, Building, Energy, General Embedded
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Industrial control devices
  • PLC
  • Data Aggregator & Comms Hub
  • Building control & automation
  • HVAC control
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