VOH1016A Series

New VOH1016A Series 1 MBd High Speed Optocouplers


  • Open collector transistor output with Schmitt-Trigger functionality
  • Guaranteed minimum common mode transient immunity (CMTI) of 10 kV/μs
  • Low typical turn-on threshold current of 0.65 mA
  • Maximum supply current of 1.0 mA

The VOH1016A is a single channel 1 MBd optocoupler utilizing a high efficient input LED coupled with an integrated optical photodiode IC detector. The detector has an open collector transistor output with Schmitt-Trigger functionality. The low turn-on threshold and low supply current together with a guaranteed common mode transient immunity of 10 kV/μs makes the VOH1016A to a perfect solution for galvanic noise isolation or to break up ground loops in digital applications. The wide power supply range up to 15 V enables isolated level shifting in applications using different voltage domains.

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  • Wide power supply range from 3 V to 15 V
  • RoHS-compliant
  • Latch up and oscillation free
  • Feature guaranteed on / off threshold hysteresis
  • Maximum rated withstand isolation voltage of 5000 VRMS
  • High data rate 2 MHz (NRZ)
  • Low turn-on threshold current 2 mA
  • Logic compatible output
  • Guaranteed on / off threshold hysteresis


  • Microprocessor system interface
  • Ground loop elimination
  • Galvanic noise isolation
  • Serial bus systems
  • Digital control power supply
  • Signal level translation
  • PLC, ATE input/output isolation
  • Computer peripheral interface