H-bridge Driver IC Supporting Low Voltage (1.8 V) and Large Current (1.6 A)


  • Typical voltage range of a dual 1.5 cell or LiPo battery, down to 1.8V
  • High current operation up to 1.6A
  • Small package, SSOP16
  • Saves board space

The TC78H651FNG is a new dual H-bridge driver IC for DC brushed motors and stepping motors. It delivers performance at a low voltage (down to 1.8V) and high current (up to 1.6A) that is essential for equipment powered by dry-cell batteries. 

The new device is suitable for motor applications such as cameras and compact printers using 3.7V lithium-ion batteries, toys and home appliances, smart meters, and electronic locks using two 1.5V dry batteries, and devices using 5V USB power supplies.

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  • Battery driven applications supported
  • Medium sized DC motors can be driven
  • Board space savings.



  • Even when the battery runs low, operation is secured.
  • No need for external MOSFETs, reduced BOM
  • Very small designs are possible
  • Devices using 5 V USB power supply
  • Toys using two 1.5 V dry batteries
  • devices using 3.7 V lithium-ion batteries
  • Motor applications (1.8 V to 6.0 V)
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