Three-phase brushless fan motor controller IC


  • Realizes low vibration and noise with a sine-wave PWM drive
  • High efficient drive
  • Controls the rotation speed
  • Small mounting area

The TB67B054FTG is a new three-phase brushless fan motor controller IC for home appliances such as air conditioners and air purifiers that realizes high efficient drive and noise reduction.

During startup, the motor is driven by square-wave commutation signals that are generated according to the hall signals. When the hall signals indicate a rotational speed (f) of 5.7 Hz or more, the B67B054FTG estimates the rotor positions from the hall signals and modulate them. The TB67B054FTG then generates sine-wave by comparing the modulated signals against a triangular waveform.  

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Possible to upgrade from 8-pole rotor to 12-pole rotor motor without changing the rotation–control system

  • When a motor is upgraded from existing 8-pole rotor to 12-pole rotor type, the new product can control the rotation speed with a current microcontroller. The MC uses a rotation-control signal that outputs 2 pulses in one cycle.


Small surface-mounting type package

  • A small 32-pin QFN package (mounting area: 5 mm×5 mm) is adopted. The mounting area is 68% smaller than for current products in 30-pin SSOP type packages (mounting area: 32.8 mm×13.5 mm), contributing to space-saving in mounting and board layout. 



  • Fans for home appliances
  • Air conditioners, air purifiers, hot-water supply machines
  • Fans for industrial equipment
  • Refrigeration showcases and others