DC brushed motor IC with current limit detection


  • Integrated current threshold detection circuit
  • Single or Dual bridge mode
  • Small package
  • Low RDS(on) MOSFETs; 0.49 Ω (typ.)

TB67H401FTG - a dual DC brushed motor driver IC equipped with an output function, which outputs a flag signal in detecting the over current.

The product is suitable for applications that need to monitor the motor driving state and feedback its result, such as industrial equipment including office equipment and ATMs and robotic cleaners.

It supports the motor drive with a rating of 50V and 3.0A, and contributes to space saving.


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  • The flag signal output function is implemented, outputting the result of the current limiter detection to the external device. It contributes to the reduction of the number of external components such as amplifiers and comparators.
  • Single H-bridge mode supports the high load drive (large current drive).
  • Dual H-bridge mode supports the dual motor drive (space saving/BOM cost reduction)


  • Reduced external components
  • Flexible for medium and high current applications
  • Small footprint


  • Lower BOM
  • Single device for different configurations
  • Smaller PCB
  • Home appliances, robotic cleaners, etc.
  • Industrial equipment (e.g office equipment)
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Banking terminals such as ATMs