i.MX RT1064

Industry’s first crossover processor with on-chip Flash memory


  • High-Performance, Real-Time Processing
  • High Levels of Integration
  • Low BOM Cost
  • Easy to Use

Building upon decades of leadership in providing both MCUs and applications processors, NXP has developed a new series of embedded processors that fully embodies the best of two worlds: Application processor and Microcontrollers.

The i.MX RT1064 is the latest addition to the industry's first crossover processor series and expands the i.MX RT series to four scalable families.

The i.MX RT1064 has 1MB On-Chip SRAM and 4MB Flash memory, while keeping pin-to-pin compatibility with i.MX RT1050 and i.MX RT1060. The i.MX RT1064 runs on the Arm® Cortex-M7® core at 600 MHz.

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  • The i.MX RT1064
    • can operate at a core speed of up to 600 MHz.
    • also boasts ultra-fast real-time responsiveness thanks to a high density of 512KB TCM SRAM. The interrupt latency is as low as 20 nanoseconds, and is the shortest interrupt latency of any ARM® Cortex®-based product in the world thanks to a combination of high performance and the Cortex-M7 core. All told, i.MX RT crossover processors outperform competitors by a factor of 2x.
    • incorporates applications processor-quality performance, and also provides critical usability features from the MCU-based product design space— ease of use, low cost, and compatibility with existing real-time software infrastructure and compatibility with existing tool chains.
    • supports product designs that include advanced multimedia for GUI and enhanced human machine interface (HMI) experience. Its features include 2D graphics acceleration engine, LCD display controllers, camera sensor interfaces, and audio interfaces for high-performance, multi-channel audio streaming.
    • offers greater design flexibility through extensive external memory interface options, including NAND, eMMC, QuadSPI NOR Flash and Parallel NOR Flash. By having high speed interfaces between external memory, combined with on-the-fly decryption enables secure external data storage, the need for embedded flash is eliminated.
    • with 4MB On-Chip Flash, is the first crossover processor with embedded Flash memory.
  • In terms of connectivity, i.MX RT1064 crossover processors offer support for both wired (Ethernet, USB, CAN FD, etc.) and wireless standards such as Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, BLE, Zigbee®, Thread™, and other options, making thousands of applications for the connected world possible.
  • High-end, consumer audio devices
  • Smart appliances, LCDs, mobile patient care
  • HVAC climate control, lighting control panals, IoT gateways
  • PLCs, factory automation, HMI control assembly line robotics
  • 3D/Thermal printers, autonomous vehicles, robotic cleaners