RF Energie Series

Ready-to-use development systems, integrated modules and and transistors for High Power RF


  • Precise Control - power can be set to any level while magnetron only work on/off
  • Ease of use - rapid response, instant on, low voltage power supply
  • Reliability - transistors lifetime is 100 years while magnetron average is 6000 hours
  • Comprehensive suite of tools enabling fast prototyping/short design cycle

The RFE Series features a multi-level portfolio that addresses each step for building a successful RF Power design:

RFEL Lab Box – A plug-and-play RF generator

RFEM Module – Combines a line-up of RF power transistors with an NXP Kinetis microcontroller

RFEP Pallet – A three-stage power amplifier reference design intended for RF engineers who want to leverage NXP’s RF matching know-how to speed up their design cycle

High-performance RF components with associated evaluation boards

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RF Energy Lab Box:

  • Plug & play RF generator with reflected power measurement, provided with intuitive PC-based control software with auto-tuning features
  • Designed for evaluation and initial prototyping.


RF Energy Module:

  • Module subsystem including an MCU and a full RF line-up provided with command interface
  • Designed for protoryping, no RF expertise required


RF Energy Pallet:

  • RF PA reference design
  • Designed to jump-start RF Power PA development


Transistor and reference circuit:

  • LDMOS Transistor
  • Designed for high performance


  • RF cooking (drying, sealing), plastics preheating
  • Medical (disinfection)
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