JENCOLOR® Digital XYZ Sensor


  • JENCOLOR® interference filter technology based on CIE 1931, DIN 5033
  • Sensitivity up to 2.1M counts/(µW/cm2)
  • Dynamic range 250M:1 (16 to 24 Bit ADC)
  • Conversion time 125µs to 16s

AS73211 is a digital XYZ sensor with I2C interface for relative & absolute color measurement and control. The combination of True Color XYZ sensitized photodiodes with a filter function based on the standard CIE 1931/DIN 5033 (human eye perception) and used interference filter technology of three-range sensors makes the AS73211 more accurate than RGB sensors and guarantee this function without spectral changings over lifetime. AS73211 is designed with a high dynamic range to measure any light in the visible range in environments from sunlight to dark rooms, dimmed LEDs or dark colored monitors

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  • Temperature range -40°C up to 125°C
  • On-chip temperature sensor 
  • LED feedback control
  • Display calibration
  • Fluid or reagent analysis
  • Color detection
  • Light metering