AVR® based IoT Evaluation Board with WiFi Connectivity to the Google Cloud

High Res AC164160-AVR-IoT-WG-Angle-Transparent - Modified.png
High Res AC164160-AVR-IoT-WG-Angle-Transparent - Modified.png

  • Direct connection to the Google Cloud,  pre-provisioned with free sandbox account.
  • The ATECC608A Secure Element provide secure key generation/storage
  • Light and precision temperature sensor are provided for convenience/demonstration.
  • USB serial port bridge is provided for diagnostic

The AVR-IOT WG board is a small and easily expandable demonstration and evaluation platform for IoT solutions based on the AVR microcontroller architecture using Wi-Fi technology. This board comes pre-programmed and configured for demonstrating connectivity to the Google Cloud.

Supported by AVR Studio 7.0 and MPLABX integrated development platforms, the kit provides easy access to the features of the MCU and explains how to integrate the device into a custom design.

Expandability is provided by the mikroBUS connector, with +500 click boards offered by MikroElektronika (

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  • mikroBUS©  connector provides access to 500+ additional sensors and actuators
  • A Li-Po battery can be connected to power the device and can be charged via a USB interface
  • USB serial port bridge is provided for diagnostic and to support a command line interface
  • USB Mass Storage interface allows easy (drag ‘n drop) update of the microcontroller Flash memory and (re) configuration of WiFi credentials
  • Compact and inexpensive evaluation and development board
  • Supported by Microchip Studio and MPLAB integrated development platforms
  • The kit includes an on-board nEDBG, no external tools are necessary to program and debug the ATmega4808
  • Explains how to integrate the device into a custom design
  • Smart sensors
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Access control
  • Climate control
  • Air quality control
  • Traffic forecasts
  • Traffic modulation