Capacitance-to-Digital Converter


  • Up to 6 capacitors in grounded mode
  • Up to 3 capacitors in floating mode
  • Internal reference 1 to 31pF
  • Integrated guarding operational amplifier

PCap04 is a capacitance-to-digital converter with integrated digital signal processor (DSP) for on-chip data post-processing. Its front end is based on ams PICOCAP principle.

 This conversion principle offers outstanding flexibility with respect to power consumption, resolution and speed. PCap04 covers a wide capacitance input range.

 It is easy to configure the PCap04 for different capacitance measurement tasks. The on-chip DSP allows to implement sensor algorithms like linearization and temperature compensation, with data output in a digital or analog way.

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  • Up to 8 aF at 2.5 Hz and 10 pF base capacitance
  • Up to 50 kHz sample rate
  • 32-bit DSP
  • SPI / IIC interface
  • PDM / PWM outputs, GPIO
  • Supply voltage 2.1/3.0 to 3.6 V (integrated 1.8 V regulator)
  • QFN-24, WLCSP or dice
  • Humidity sensors
  • MEMS
  • Motion sensors
  • Proximity switches and sensors
  • Bio-medical sensors