Ultra-Low Quiescent Current PMIC with SIMO Buck-Boost for Wearable Applications


  • Extend System Battery Use Time
  • Dual Micro-IQ 50mA LDO
  • Extend Product Shelf-Life
  • Minimize Board Area

The MAX20310 is a compact power management integrated circuit (PMIC) for space-constrained, battery-powered applications where size and efficiency are critical. The device includes a SIMO buck-boost switching regulator that provides two programmable voltage rails using a single inductor, minimizing solution footprint. The MAX20310 operates with battery voltages down to 0.7V for use with Zinc Air, Silver Oxide, or Alkaline batteries. 

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  • Extend System Battery Use Time
    • Single Inductor, Multiple Output (SIMO) Ultra-Low IQ Buck-Boost Regulator
    • Battery Input Voltage from 0.7V to 2.0V
    • Output Voltage Programmable From 0.9V to 4.05V
    • 250mW Maximum Total Input Power
    • Incremental CAP Quiescent Current 1μA per channel
    • 84% Efficiency for 1.8V, 10mA Output
    • Input Current Limited
  • Dual Micro-IQ 50mA LDO
    • Inputs Supplied by Dual Buck-Boost Outputs
    • Output Programmable from 0.5V to 3.65V
    • Quiescent Current 1.1µA per LDO / 600nA per Load Switch
    • Configurable as Load Switch
    • Extend Product Shelf-Life
  • Battery Seal Mode
    • 0nA Battery Current (typ)
  • Minimize Board Area
    • 1.63mm x 1.63mm WLP
  • Easy-to-Implement System Control
    • Voltage Monitor Multiplexer
    • 1% Accurate Battery Inverter (±10mV at 1.0V)
  • Power Button Monitor
    • Buffered Output
  • Power Sequencing
  • Reset Output
  • I2C Control Interface
  • Wearable Medical Devices