Trench Schottky rectifier

Low VF Trench Maximum Efficiency General Application (MEGA) Schottky barrier rectifier


  • Average forward current: IF(AV) of 3 / 5 / 15 A
  • Reverse voltage: VR ≤ 40 - 60 V
  • Low forward voltage
  • High power capability due to clip-bonding technology

Nexperia releases wide range of Trench Schottky rectifiers in CFP packaging for power applications including automotive, industrial and consumer.

Forward voltage a leakage current optimized 40 V/45 V and 60 V Trench Schottky rectifiers in CFP3/5/15 packaging.

These high-performance parts build on Nexperia’s existing extensive portfolio of planar types, offering the combination of low reverse current and low forward voltage. This increases the thermal stability and reduces the risk of thermal runaway. The Trench Schottky rectifiers offer a Tj(max) of 175 °C and are AEC-Q101 qualified.

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  • Low leakage current due to Trench MEGA Schottky technology
  • Small and flat lead SMD plastic package
  • Capable for reflow and wave soldering
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • DC/DC converter with high efficency